Apostolic Book Club
Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."


David K. Bernard | Ken Raggio | Bill L. Sherley

David K. Bernard

Oneness of God (Pentecostal Theology Book 1)
New Birth (Pentecostal Theology Book 2)
Understanding God's Word
Oneness and Trinity
Anchor Points: Essays in Apostolic Apologetics
Reaching Austin: Establishing an Apostolic Church in a Postmodern City
To The End Of The Earth: Adventures In Missions
Apostolic Identity in a Postmodern World
The Trinitarian Controversy in the Fourth Century
Justification and the Holy Spirit
Pursuing Holiness
On Being Pentecostal
The Message of Romans

Ken Raggio

Praying On Purpose - Praying For Results
The Daniel Prophecies: God's Plan for the Last Days
My Daily Bible Companion
Long Winding Road
Truth In A Nutshell
The Trials Of Job - Lessons About Facing God-Ordained Adversities

Bill L. Sherley

Daily Prayers and Bible Verses: January
Daily Prayers and Bible Verses: February
Daily Prayers and Bible Verses: March
New Psalms to God: 100 Psalms
Christmas Paganism